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Most people do not want to go through the agony of signing up with a casino that is not reliable. Well, they are justified in their opinion. Now, the positive side of the picture is that you can find many reliable online casinos based in Malaysia. You have the opportunity to play the games of your liking either over the web or to install the software right away in your phone. One of the popular online casino that is gaining attention of the players is Joker123 for its mobility that can be used across various platform. Among 50 over types of games available, let’s see what interesting games that rank the Top 5 in Joker123.

Joker123 Slot Games

Popular Games Available in Joker123:

Safari Heat

Safari Heat is one of the hot slot games that players like to play in Joker Online Casino Malaysia. This slot game is powered by PlayTech, with 15-payline slot and 5-reel. The reason that Safari Heat stands out from other Slot Games is the progressive feature of the prize. The winning amount is accumulated for each time the player places its bet and is reset only after a winning. This progressive jackpot can lead to a great win and with its excellent visuals and usability, it appear to be one of the Top 5 games in Joker123.

Ancient Egypt

Another Top 5 slot games in Joker123 is Ancient Egypt which has a similar feature as offered by Safari Heat, the winning in Ancient Egypt is also a progressive jackpots. The different between them is that Ancient Egypt consist of 5-reel with 10-payline instead of 15-payline which make the probability of winning to be higher! Cleopatra, Egyptian Queen in this game symbolized the highest reward symbol. Another attractive feature about this slot game is that Free Spins are being awarded with trigger factor of 3 Gold Scarab appearing. These free spins act as motivational reward which provide the players a chance to come back winning.

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Money Bang Bang

5-reel with 9-paylines, what Money Bang Bang have to offer the player is what that make this slot game so popular among the games in Joker Online Casino Malaysia. With 20 free spins being awarded, the player unlocked a wild stack feature. This amazing stacking feature allow the players to stack the Wilds throughout the games and can very largely increase the winning rate. The awesome look and feel of the Money Bang Bang with Wild West theming is also one major factor that attracts the player. Make advantage of the Free Spins and Stacking feature, it is very much possible for you to go back with big wins!

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Slot games is relax and easy to play where all you need to do is just spin it. It don’t require skills or technique but mostly on your lucks. Set an amount before you play, keep your self-control aware while getting to enjoy the excitement of winning. Choose the game and utilize its features that give you the biggest advantage